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 Privacy Policy 

In an ideal world, every website would respect their visitor's privacy and personal information. Unfortunately, it seems that more and more sites see dollar signs when they look at their users' personal information. Here at PCQandA, we believe that users' (and their data) should be treated the same way that we would want ours treated. That means that we won't sell your data to anyone. This means that we won't sell your e-mail address to spammers. While our web server tracks certain information when you visit the site, for example what type of browser you use and what pages on the site you look at, this information is only used in aggregate. (For example, browser information can be useful to figure out what technologies our users' browsers could handle.) This information is shared with PCQandA staff.


PCQandA is a free web site. To pay the bills, we accept donations and sell ads. While ads are a necessary evil, Here too we set restrictions based on what annoys us about advertising on the Internet. We will not accept pop-up ads (or pop-unders or "pop-ins"). Ads on PCQandA cannot contain sound. And you certainly won't be seeing Gator attempting to install itself onto your computer from PCQandA!


Cookies tend to get a bad rap on the Internet. Far from the sinister spies they're made out to be, they are actually small, passive text files that store information for the website to access later. However, it cannot access any data on your hard drive or actively send any information to a web site. The only information that can be stored in cookies is the information you provide. While, cookies are not required to view this site, you will need cookies enabled to log in and post and/or reply.


The posts on PCQandA may be saved and stored on your local machine as well printed for individual personal use. You may also post links to them on other websites. However, distribution or mass reproduction with the intent of distribution in electronic or paper or any other format for free or for pay without explicit permission is strictly prohibited. If you wish to reproduce and/or distribute any content of PCQandA, please contact me first to obtain permission. If your request is reasonable and in the PCQandA spirit, and you promise to clearly cite the source, and provide a copy of the publication, I usually don't have a problem with that.


While our forum members are quite knowledgeable and try to be as helpful as possible, neither I, nor the PCQandA staff take any responsibility if something goes wrong while following advice found on this site and cannot be held liable. All information on this site is provided as is without any form of guarantee or warranty. By using any of the information found on this site you agree to hold PCQandA free of any liability and agree not to pursue any claims or legal action against PCQandA for any negative consequences as a result of applying info found on this site. If you don't feel comfortable or are not sure how to do it, don't do it! Let somebody more experienced help you with it or wait until you are more comfortable with it. This site was designed to help you get to know your PC, improve it and maintain it properly - not to make you do things that might mess things up.

Changes to this policy

PCQandA reserves the right to change these rules and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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